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These robust torque sensors provide the accuracy and reliability needed to verify performance, safety and quality of any rotating machine. Their outstanding performance is achieved under real world conditions, not just in a calibration laboratory. Moreover, they boast industries highest Overload and Overrange ratings which avoid failure and errors found in competitive units when torque peaks and torsionals are clipped.
MCRT® 48200V Digital Torquemeters have high accuracy, low noise, high overload capacity, high overrange, inherent noise tolerance and a wide temperature range. State-of-the-art strain gage sensing and non-contact signal transfer suit them for control, laboratory and production use. Two grades are made; Code N standard performance and Code C enhanced performance. They can be floated or foot mounted with the integral mounting base.
MCRT®84000V and 85000V Torquemeters have very high accuracy in real-world applications, not just in the cal lab. That’s due to very high stiffness which yields wider installed bandwidth and faster response than competitive devices1. Furthermore, Industries highest Overrange avoids errors2 which occur when torque peaks are clipped. Three performance grades are offered. A Carrier Amplifier, immune to dc and low frequency signals, handles the torque bridge output. Hardening against electromagnetic interference (EMI) generated by Variable Frequency Drives, ISM transmitters and other industrial noise sources further enhances performance.
These strain gage Torquemeters measure and output shaft torque in analog and digital form. Option Z adds speed and shaft power. Their outstanding performance is due, in part, to industries highest Overrange which avoids clipping real-world torque peaks and torsionals. Without high Overrange, clipped peaks cause large errors; see AN 20805B. Tight temperature compensation reduces drive heating and gradient effects. Also enhancing performance is elimination of pots subject to misadjustment under vibration and by unauthorized users.
deltaANALYSER는 시험중에 진동 분석을 사용하여 서서히 진행되는 손상의 원인을 상세히 표시하고 심각한 결과가 발생하기 전에 즉각적인 교정을 보장합니다. 시험품의 변화를 조기에 감지하여 시험품이 심각한 손상을 입지않도록 보호하십시오. e-drives, 엔진, 변속기 유닛 및 개별 부품의 개발중에 기능과 사용 수명을 점검할 필요가 있습니다.
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OMNIAlog data lodgger는 각 측정 채널에 전기 및 기계 릴레이, 가스튜브(Gas Discharge Tubes)를 통한 회로보호, 과전압 및 역 극성 보호, 각 출력 단락 보호를 합니다. 또한 별도의 소프트웨어 없이 자료전송기능을 통해 설치 및 알람 관리를 보다 간편하게 수행할 수 있습니다. 차트에서 자료 취득 트렌드 곡선을 확인 할 수 있으며, 이를 저장해서 추가분석을 할 수 있습니다.
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PAK is the multimode testbench acoustic measuring system for sound and vibration measurement, adaptable and extendable to your task in the field of acoustic measurement and analysis.The system hardware: light weight, low input power, high robustness and upgradability. PAK can be deployed stationary, mobile and smart. The modular system software to measure according to the application, analyze and interpret signals.
진동진단 계측시스템
진동진단 시스템은 검증된 진단방법과 자동 진단으로 고객들에게 많은 새로운 혜택을 제공합니다.
eol-ANALYSER 시스템은 엔진과 변속기 및 기타 컴포넌트의 최종 검수를 수행합니다. 즉, 동력전달장치로 특화된 시험 메서드를 사용하며, 기존의 신호 진폭 분석의 이상을 제공합니다. eol-ANALYSER 시스템은 “breathing collective”를 사용해서 최종검수단계에서 혁신적으로 합격/불합격을 판단하여 품질을 관리합니다.
산업현장 측정 모니터링
산업현장에서 지속적으로 기계의 상태를 모니터링하여 관리하고 사용자가 모니터링이 쉽도록 다양한 솔루션을 제공합니다.
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복합신호 테스트에 적합한 데이터 수집 및 제어시스템입니다.
The heart of predictive maintenance is a good vibration monitoring program. Combined with our other predictive tools, VibePro 8 provides an affordable alternative to the current offering of vibration tools on the market. Route data collection, onsite analysis and remote web based vibration data analysis make this a powerful solution for any reliability maintenance program. VibePro 8 combines the simplicity of VibePro 7 with the flexibility of raw data collection and analysis.
Misalignment is one of the top conditions that leads to machine failure. Misalignment occurs when the center lines of two rotating shafts are not co-linear. Misalignment destroys bearings, seals, couplings, rotors and shafts.Misalignment of the driving and driven shaft in a machine adds stress forces to the shaft, which are transferred through the shaft to the bearings, seals, etc. These forces work against all of these components to reduce the productive life of the machine.
Under and over lubrication of bearings are major causes of bearing failure. GTILube is a simple app that uses UE Systems sensor technology to baseline and measure changes in the ultrasound signal to determine when a bearing needs lubrication. GTILube uses NASA standards for ultrasound measurement – an 8 dB increase signals a need for lubrication. A 12 dB increase indicates early bearing failure.
Unbalance is a leading cause of damage in rotating equipment. The stress overtime caused by imbalance leads to early failure and unnecessary downtime. Common causes of imbalance include: looseness, thermal changes, tooling changes, maintenance repairs, bent shafts, bowed shafts, and product build up (found commonly in blowers, compressors, and fans). Imbalance can also be an indicator of old equipment caused by corrosion or erosion of the bearings, rotors, or seals.
유윈엔지니어링은 오랜기간 산업현장 경험을 가진 현장기술자와 최첨단 계측 장비를 통해서 기계의 상태감시 및 원인분석을 통한 기계진단을 제공하고 있습니다. 최근 산업분야에서는 제품품질의 고급화와 다양화에 대한 요구가 증가되고 경쟁력 확보를 위한 생산선비는 고속화, 복잡화, 고정도화 하는 반면, 상당수의 생산설비는 설계수명을 초과하고 있습니다. 그 결과, 설비의 돌발 고장으로 인한 생산손실, 정비비용 및 품질불량의 발생은 기업경영에서 중대한 손실을 미치게 됩니다.
Mining and processing of natural resources, Metallurgy, Power engineering, Logistics, Optimization of business processes, Mechanical engineering, Integrated production cycle을 제공합니다.